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About Us

Events N Tickets is an online event promoting and ticket sales website. It was launched in January 2017. Its aim is to provide brilliant advertising for upcoming events through social media, website, newspaper, etc. It will also organize ticket sales for the event by using high technology ticket sales software. Its management team is highly committed to providing excellent customer service to the event organizer and the customer.

Staying ahead of the competition

We became to offer a choice of general admission tickets or allocated seating via an onscreen seating plan from which customers could select their own seats. A choice of e-tickets, mobile tickets and thermal printed tickets. An integrated barcode scanning app to turn any smartphone into an on-the-door ticket scanner with real-time ticket validation against the event sales database.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is not to make a profit but provide exceptional events adverting and be a specialized ticket sales organization by top-notch customer service, ongoing system development, and best practice system security measures, while remaining as competitive as possible for users. If you’re considering organizing an event or need help getting started, please contact us by phone or email.

We would like to thanking you very much for give us an opportunity to do the business with you. We also would like to thank all our members for their support and love.

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